About Me:

I’ve taken a very circuitous route to get where I am today. For a while I was a musician, and then a writer. For ten years I was a chef in a variety of up scale restaurants throughout the state of North Carolina, eventually becoming the head chef of one. But now, now I do data science things and I couldn’t be happier.

My path to data science began with my interest in the burgeoning advanced statistics movement in the NHL. I loved hockey and I loved math so it seemed like the perfect combination of my two favorite hobbies. Initially I started out in Google Sheets but quickly came to realize I needed to learn more so I could emulate the analysis that interested me the most.

From there I learned how to program in Python, and then R. I began to create my own databases with SQL to store all the statistics I compiled on the NHL. Now I created this website as a document of my journey and so that others can learn from my path, and more importantly my mistakes.

So follow along and hopefully we can learn something together. If you have any questions, concerns, or job offers feel free to email me here at barloweanalytics@gmail.com. And if you find anything useful here be sure to drop by my LinkedIn page and recommend me for whatever skill I helped you in. I'd greatly appreciate it!

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