Here is a collection of various analyses I've done on a variety of data sets some hockey related some not. If there's a particular dataset you'd like me to look at shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do.

The Long Line Change:

In the recent Hockey Graphs online data sprint I worked with pbp data on hockey games where they reversed the nets and each team had the long line change for two periods instead of the normal one in the NHL.

North Carolina Presidential Contributions:

I break down campaign contributions in the 2016 presidential race coming from the state of North Carolina

Free Code Camp Facebook Data:

This analysis covers a dataset consisting of reactions to articles posted on the Free Code Camp Facebook page.

Baseball Economic Analysis:

I break down Baseball performace in terms of dollars for various offensive metrics at a player level and look to see if spenindg more money over the last five seasons in the analysis lead to baseball teams winning more games.

Raleigh, NC Open Street Data:

I parsed the XML Open Street data gathered about Raleigh, NC and look at various features of it after I stored it in a SQLite3 database.